Before Xia Yichu came to this body, Li Meng kept the hair of this body for seven or eight years, and it had grown to the position of the buttocks. Although the hair is long, but not much, otherwise Li Meng will not make them curly. But Li Meng has maintained this long hair very well, every month will do regular care, Xia Yichu after coming to this world, of course, will not go to cut it, it has been kept. Chapter 398 Black Lotus 29 in the entertainment circle. The hair was so long that the jade blew for a long time. During the period when the jade blew Xia Yichu's hair, several crew members came in one after another and gave Xia Yichu a small gift prepared by themselves. Even, director Zheng really came in and gave Xia Yichu a red envelope. He said that he had planned to take everyone to have a meal tonight. Anyway, he didn't have to shoot tonight. By the way, he helped Xia Yichu celebrate his first shooting. It's a pity that Qin Ge is here. Even if he wants to rob people, he can't do it. Cute girl, after leaving the crew, if no one asks you to shoot, you can come to me. Although the leading actress doesn't have your share, I can still give you a supporting actress with a lot of scenes. The director stood beside Xia Yichu and said earnestly, stretching out his hand and rubbing Xia Yichu's head dishonestly. Originally the jade gave her hair blown smoothly, was the director so raised his hand to rub, suddenly turned into a scattered chicken nest head, Xia Yichu did not answer his words, the heart was not easy to rise a touch of touching immediately because he was looking for this move to wear down. On the first day of the summer, he raised his hand and waved away the paws that the director was putting on his head, and went out with gifts of all sizes in his arms. Qin Ge stood outside, in fact, he has been waiting for a long time, but Xia Yichu did not see the slightest dissatisfaction from his look. When he saw Xia Yichu coming out, a shallow smile appeared on Qin Ge's face. That smile is like the melting of the snow mountain and the spring breeze. In the crew, there are many people are Qin Ge's fans, looking at Qin Ge this shallow smile, the look of obsession is simply drunk in his smile. Let's go. Xia Yichu walked up to Qin Ge and said to him. Uh Qin Ge nodded and reached out to share some of the gifts in Xia Yichu's hands. In one of his hands, it happened to be a rabbit doll with a very silly expression, about the size of a basketball, which was clipped on his arm by him, and the rabbit's cute head was exposed. This style of painting, with a strange anti-cute difference. Two people walked out together, Xia Yichu had already told the jade before, she starts to have a holiday from today. Since there is no need to shoot here, Xia Yichu now has no other work and so on, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Carrara Marble Slab, then there is no need to wait on jade at all. So I gave her a holiday, let her go back to wait for news, pay her salary, and when Xia Yichu has a job, then call the jade back. Qin Ge came here today, and he drove here by himself. Qin Ge's car, a black Rolls-Royce, is worth more than eight million in the market. Its appearance is low-key and luxurious. If you are not a discerning person, you will not recognize it at all. Qin Ge drove away from the crew and asked Xia Yichu, "Where do you want to go?" "Whatever. Chinese food and western food are all right. I'm not very picky about what I eat." Xia Yichu answered at will. Let's go to a western restaurant. I've been here once before, and there seems to be one that tastes good. Qin Ge nodded clearly, glanced at the buildings on both sides of the street, and then drove the car to the main road. Xia Yichu sat in the co-driver's seat, but he was not worried about the place where Qin Ge took her. Xia Yichu was just thinking about how to pursue a person he liked and seemed to like himself. Although she had traveled through many worlds before, every time, bugs came to chase her. No, the bug didn't chase her at all. Every time, he directly crushed her and wiped her clean. Xia Yichu thought of those things in the past few worlds, and there was a hot and dry feeling on his face that slowly rose. And at this time, Qin Ge slowly drove the car like a parking lot, the original is that the Western restaurant has arrived. Come on, let's get off. "Qin Ge parked the car, reached out to unfasten his seat belt, and then turned sideways, fingers very flexible to unfasten Xia Yichu's seat belt.". Xia Yichu was wearing a skirt and a thin beige windbreaker. His slender fingers, if there is no, obviously did not touch her skin, but Xia Yichu felt that he had been touched by the place, even if there is clothing cloth cover, it seems to cover up the burning of the skin of the cloth. She breathed, but Qin Ge had already turned around and quickly opened the door and got out of the car. Qin Ge felt that it would be too dangerous for him to get out of the car quickly and stay alone with her in a small space. With her by his side, he always wanted to touch her uncontrollably. Qin Ge fundus a piece of forbearance, thin lips tightly together, eyes dark and heavy. Two people went into the western restaurant together, because of the relationship between identity, two people asked for a separate box, and did not eat in the hall. Qin Ge looked down at the menu, and then handed it to Xia Yichu. After they ordered what they wanted to eat, the waiter added hot tea to them and quickly retreated. Qin Ge looked at Xia Yichu and asked her, "Do you have any other plans after the shooting?" "Not yet. It depends on what General Manager Qin means." Xia Yichu shook his head slightly, the last time she talked about conditions in Qin Yi's office, Qin Ge was also there, so Xia Yichu felt that there was nothing to hide. Qin Ge nodded clearly: "Do you know which singer my brother gave you the MV?" This question, Xia Yichu really did not think before. She only called Qin Yi the day before she went to the crew,Pietra Gray Marble, and she never contacted him again. Before the summer also early has not thought much, but now, hear Qin Ge this question.