Han Feng's eyes lit up and he recovered immediately. He comforted Gulan and got up to leave. Because of the work needs of the telecommunications sector, ask customers to cooperate, shut down for an hour, this is a familiar fraud, if used to kill people, how do they do it? Han Feng walked on the narrow path, the setting sun was blood-red, like a round of fire slowly sinking in the west, dyeing half the sky red, and the surrounding clouds seemed to be burning up. Looking back, on the mountainside, Miaoju is getting smaller and farther away, a wisp of smoke is rising slowly, mixed with white clouds, I do not know that orphans and widows, what will happen in the future? Remembering Gulan's bitter and pitiful face, Han Feng felt a flash of uneasiness in his heart. Suddenly, he recalled what the old woman who set up the tobacco stall had said: "There was a big painting on the truck at that time. It seemed to be a star's head portrait!" The face of Gulan seems to have been seen on TV, right? Han Feng wiped away the sweat on his forehead and looked at the sun, which was still scorching,Planetary Gear Motor, and his teeth rattled. "What a vicious plan! So that's it." H City Public Security Bureau, here is like the front of the wartime position, the phone rings non-stop, the cold eyebrows are almost twisted to one place. Hello, it's the Public Security Bureau. Is there a robbery in Anping community? I see "Hey, Lilac Garden, Chengyi Meng's house was stolen?"? Is it Cheng Yimeng from Haijiao Jiankai Company? What! I stole more than half a million yuan. I know. We'll be right there. "Murder in Binjiang Park?"? Three people were killed? Be right there! "Dragon Star Restaurant has a collective poisoning incident!"! There are more than thirty diners! Has an ambulance been called? Okay, okay. …… Guo Xiaochuan grimaced and said,gear reduction motor, "Lao Leng, you can't go on like this.". Our load has reached its limit, and the public security forces of several surrounding cities have also been transferred. I said, is it necessary to ask the army for support? "Completely lost the trace of Ding Yixiao." Li Xiang reported to Leng Jinghan by telephone. "What on earth is going on?" Asked the cold mirror? In two days, there were more than ten armed robberies, more than twenty huge thefts, as well as countless car accidents, collective poisoning, kidnappings, and mass brawls. We did not have enough manpower to deal with the aftermath. Were these cases premeditated and systematic? He didn't even catch a living person. Did Ding Yixiao let him go again? Guo Xiaochuan says: "I listened to your proposal, detain him first, but do not have a clue really, 24 hours do not release a person?"? I'm still waiting for someone to sue me. "Don't worry about Ding Yixiao," said Leng Jinghan. "You and Xia Mo went to Chengshang Department Store, Brushless Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, where you just received an anonymous phone call saying that there was a bomb inside. Be careful." "Look at the door," said Guo Xiaochuan. "The reporters are like locusts, surrounding us." Leng Jinghan pounded the table and said, "Damn it, I can't figure out what they're trying to do." Guo Xiaochuan said, "Where is that small hoodlum?"? Why didn't he come back with you? "Han Feng?"? He went to Shanghai. He said he wanted to investigate the internal problems of Hengfu Bank. Why did he investigate Hengfu Bank at this time? With him, maybe we can come up with some ideas. The phone was still ringing, and the operator reported to Guo Xiaochuanhui: "a Comrade from the fourth police station was injured by a stray bullet while inspecting the scene of the Dongping crime." "The third special police unit intercepted a group of fire elements, and both sides opened fire, killing three bandits. We lost one special police officer and one was seriously injured." "When the comrades of the police station in the west of the city were inspecting the scene of the explosion, their police car exploded again, injuring three people." …… With a bang, Ah Ba stood on the window and smashed the bar monitor down. Ding Yi laughed and said, "Well, now they have no ability to monitor us. Plan C is really a genius plan. That guy is simply not human." Ba looked at Ding Yi and smiled. Ding Yixiao was full of confidence. He said coldly, "Since they can't feel our direction, it's time to fight back.". " At this moment, the mobile phone rings, Ding Yixiao looks at the number, murmur: "This time, what does he call to do again?" In the telephone, the metal voice way: "According to the reliable information, Han Feng that fellow did not return to H city with the cold mirror, he went to Shanghai!" " "What!" Ding laughed and then calmed down. "That's all right. Didn't you just fall into another trap of yours?" "But there's something wrong this time." Said the metal voice. Ding Yixiao was noncommittal: "Really?"? But isn't our plan coming to an end? Even if he knows the whole truth, he can't help us. "So what's your plan?" "I'm going to turn this place upside down and let those stupid policemen know that the city they guard is not as safe as it seems.". Then I will leave and go to Thailand or Vietnam first. Next, just wait for your plan to be completed. Metal voice cold tunnel: "Remember what I said, never despise your opponent!" " Ding hung up with a smile and said, "This guy!"! Ba, we're ready to leave here. We're leaving tonight. When Han Feng returned to the criminal investigation office in the afternoon, he saw a sea of people at the door. He could not squeeze in. Fortunately, he was thin and weak. It was not easy for him to squeeze into the door. The guard stopped him: "Sorry, no one can go in." Ten minutes later, Han Feng entered the Public Security Bureau from the back door. "Look at the mess," he said coldly. Did you see it in the street? Han Feng said with a smile, "Yes, it's said that the security here is good. I think it's more dangerous than Iraq now!" "Does it have anything to do with our case?" "It must be the cause, but I don't know if anyone is fishing in troubled waters.". Remember, I said, "With the first gun, there are more guns; with the first lunatic, there will be more lunatics." "Judging from the incidents they created, there were at least five semi-automatic rifles, nine micro-rifles, 17 pistols, and countless bombs in the city,24v Gear Motor, as if all the underworld forces in H city were ready to move!"! We have looked up all the cases of firearms smuggled from the border of H city in recent years, but there has never been such a large scale and quantity. Why are you in command here? Where are the others? "They are all on duty, and there are accidents waiting to be dealt with everywhere." 。 ichgearmotor.com